Well designed Supervisory Controls and DataAcquisition (SCADA) systems facilitate the interaction between Operator and Controls giving personnel the ability to access and monitor Real-Time Data that allows for On Demand decision making and Control operations to ensure Process Safety and Stability. Without proper planning and implementation, the data does not get processed and distributed effectively and can lead to disastrous loss of company assets, production, and revenue. Braeden Engineering evaluates the entire scope of the client’s needs including possible future needs of growth and expansion to determine the solution that will provide maximum R.O.I. We will assist with Component comparison and selection for PLC’s, HMI’s, Remote I/O, etc., determine the most effective Communications medium such as: Profinet, Profibus, or Modbus TCP/IP, and Software platform selection to ensure the seamless integration of technology and controls. Our team will make sure your operation is optimized by technology rather than over complicated in the process.