Braeden Engineering employs technicians with a variety of backgrounds that can assist your team with the Installation and Commissioning process for new equipment and systems. We have extensive experience in the Energy Sector, Oil & Gas, with safety and control […]

Systems Integration

Systems Integration has become one of the fastest growing markets, and with good reason. Technology advancements have allowed businesses to connect all facets of operation (in ways never before imagined. Applications have been created for every aspect of operations like […]

Product Design

Braeden Engineering’s Product Design services are not limited to any one industry. Utilizing the extensive knowledge in a variety of Industries and Best Practices allows our team to make your vision a reality. Whether the client’s needs are to upgrade […]

Process Controls

The Braeden Engineering team has extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning of various Distributed Controls System (DCS) and Process Automation Systems (PAS) applications, such as: Blow Out Preventer (BOP) Control Systems and Drilling Process Monitoring Systems for the […]

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition has become the backbone of all efficient Controls Systems. It is the ability to receive adequate feedback from the sensory devices, process and output the data efficiently to monitoring devices, and to accurately log the data for reference […]